Hi, I'm Timothy Brahm, and I'm a back-end web developer.

Logic is my native language, clarity is my superpower, and learning is my passion.

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Road Trip DJ

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Constructor Word Guess

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About Me


I am a back-end web developer with a background as a public speaker, writer, and non-profit entrepreneur. I earned a certificate in Full Stack Web Development from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

I fell in love with logic as a teenager and wound up getting my bachelors in philosophy, mostly because philosophy found me before coding did. I had guessed that coding would come naturally to me, but I had no idea how much I'd love it and how excited I would be to continue learning it!

My favorite technologies are:

Javascript/ES5, ES6+
Passport User Auth

Contact Me

I'm currently looking for employment as a back end junior developer in the Charlotte area (or remotely). Send me a message if you're interested.